Handcrafted Cheese

We make the best specialty organic, artisan and traditional cheese you’ve ever tasted with milk from over 35 Wisconsin cow, sheep, and goat farmers.

rBGH Free

In December 1993, we became the first in the country to assure its customers that milk for its products was produced without the use of synthetic growth hormones.

Organic Cheese

Organic farming helps maintain the health of the soil, the animals, and the farmers. Turned by hand and made with love, our cheese will please your taste buds!

Conscientious Choices

We respect people’s conscientious culinary choices and religious diets.  So we made sure that all of our cheeses are made without the use of animal enzymes.



Cedar Grove Cheese is an award-winning cheese manufacturer with recognition across the country. Click the button below to check out some of our proudest accomplishments!

Environmental Responsibility

One of the biggest waste products coming out of a cheese factory is water, which is often contaminated with soaps and other chemicals. To solve this problem in an environmentally sound and beautiful way, Cedar Grove Cheese built its “Living Machine” greenhouse, to naturally clean the wastewater before it goes back to the earth.