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Handcrafted Cheese
We make the best traditional and specialty cheese you've ever tasted - without artificial growth hormones (rBGH), animal enzymes, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  Our cheese makers craft 4 million pounds a year of this great cheese.  We buy milk from over 30 Wisconsin farmers, all of whom have pledged not to treat their cows with synthetic growth hormones and some of whom are certified organic.  

How can we serve you?
We ship to you and your loved ones around the globe.  We package for fund-raisers.  We prepare party trays.  And we love to share the joy of the cheese making art through tours and classes.  Come visit us!
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rBGH Free Cheese: A Choice For You!
In December 1993, Cedar Grove Cheese became the first in the country to assure its customers that its products were rBGH-free.  Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, or rBGH, is a synthetic hormone used by some farmers to increase milk production.  We believe that consumers wishing to avoid dairy products containing milk from rBGH-treated cows should have that choice.  Although the FDA has determined that rBGH is safe. many consumers have indicated that for a wide variety of personal, social or political reasons, they want to buy dairy products made from milk produced by untreated cows. 

All farmers providing milk to Cedar Grove Cheese have pledged NOT to treat their cows with rBGH.  Wisconsin state law authorizes us to rely on those pledges and to inform consumers of the farmers' promises. 

Cedar Grove Cheese is committed to remaining rBGH-free and will continue to provide consumers with a clear a nd concise statement of our policy.  We want all our customers to continue to enjoy our quality cheeses.  In addition to using exclusively rBGH-free milk, all our other ingredients for making cheese are free of, or are not derived from, genetically modified organisms. 

Cedar Grove Cheese and the Environment
Environmentally sound production: working in concert with nature is an important part of our business.  Production of a wide variety of OCIA certified organic cheese, a "Living Machine" to clean our wash-water in a beautiful biological way, and recycling and energy reduction programs are our way of keeping up our commitment to the environment. 

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Call 1-800-200-6020 or 608-546-5284
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E5904 Mill Road, P.O. Box 185, Plain, Wisconsin 53577
Fax:  608-546-2805  
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